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Riding Goofy (Snow-Crossed Lovers Book Three)

Coming 2018

Autumn and Zeke’s story.

Contains: a driven girl who kicks Olympic half-pipe ass, a laid back guy who gets big air, a secret crush, bitter rivals, screaming orgasms, and an Instagram challenge gone wrong (or maybe very right).

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Carving Hard (Snow-Crossed Lovers Book Four)

Allie and Brody’s story.

Contains: a tiny house on wheels, a truly fabulous pink tool set, snark as foreplay, goat yoga, and nudity in a blizzard (shrinkage be damned).

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Tail Grab (Snow-Crossed Lovers Holiday Novella)

Coming December 2018

Holiday novella starring Sydney and a virgin hero in an elf outfit.

Contains: monkey-wrenching, Santa’s Village, a girl who always goes too far, and a guy who stays with her every step of the way (even while wearing pointy red shoes).

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