Billionaire Romance

I’ll be honest – in real life the idea of a billionaire doesn’t do much for me. Who needs that much money?! So I don’t seek out billionaire books, but every one in a while I find one I absolutely adore.


  1. Bad Billionaire by Julie Kriss: Gah I loved this book so much. The hero is a getaway driver who inherits a billion bucks after getting out of jail. The heroine is is ex neighbor, who he spent a steamy night last night with before he went to prison. It is HOT – I binged the whole series and have zero regrets.
  2. Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen: I love Sarina Bowen’s books and this one is so fun. The hero is a nerdy/sexy billionaire hero who owns a hockey team and the heroine has worked for him since he was a broke genius with a dream. This one is hysterical – the smart speaker (Bingley) make me giggle hard – and the fact that he is her boss is handled really well.
  3. The Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl by Annika Martin: Oh my Lord this one will make you laugh. The hero is a grumpy jerk and the heroine accidentally becomes his wake-up-call girl when she’s tasked with finding him a new service. Unfortunately no service will put up with him, so she basically calls him every morning and insults him, which, of course, makes her irresistible! The next book in the series,
  4. Personal Delivery by Ainsley Booth: The hero is a CEO who goes undercover within his own company as a delivery driver. The heroine is a shy illustrator who keeps ordering packages because she wants a look at his šŸ˜‰
  5. Loving the Secret Billionaire by Adriana Anders: This novella is steamy and so well-written! He is a blind reclusive billionaire and she is a preschool teacher running for office. She knocks on his door to tell him about her campaign and sparks fly.

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