BAILING OUT Free Until Monday!

I should tell her that I loved her.

That I still love her.

That I wanted to come tearing across the world after her.

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BAILING OUT is free until Monday!

Sparks fly when a snowboarder and his skater ex are trapped in a basement in Sochi with only their chemistry to keep them warm…

Stand-alone series starter novella with a second chance romance! Hot trapped-in-a-closet sex! All books in KU!

If you haven’t read Gabe and Belle’s story yet this is your chance to snap it up. Happy reading 🙂


Free Holiday Novella Coming Soon!

Cover Reveal!

MONKEYWRENCHING UNDER THE MISTLETOE is coming! It’s a FREE holiday novella starring Syd, who made brief (but memorable) appearances in DROPPING IN and WIPING OUT.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

…Or at least, it should be.

Sydney loves working at her parents’ Christmas theme park, but this year Santa’s Village has been invaded by the most annoying man to ever wear an elf costume. Sure, he looks like a Viking sex god (even in powder blue spandex), but Dash has to go. Her parents are going to sell the park if Dash proves he can run it successfully and Sydney won’t allow that, no matter how much she enjoys making those bells on his costume jingle.

If she wants her merry little Christmas she’s going to have to throw a monkey wrench in his plans.

While he was saving the world he accidentally ended up saving himself for the right girl…

There’s a reason Dash has spent the last three years sitting in a tree to protect it from loggers. He swore to never let his mom drag him into her problems again, but somehow he’s the one working to save her investment while she relaxes in front of the fire. And every time he turns around Sydney is there, showing off her novelty holiday sex toys, bottle feeding her rescue goats, and forcing him to confront the fact that he’s a 25-year-old virgin in a Jack Frost costume. She’s infuriating and adorable and he’s pretty sure she’s trying to sabotage every move he makes, but he’d still give anything to meet her under the mistletoe.

Contains: miniature goats with vibrating toys, monkeywrenching, a girl who always goes too far, and a guy who stays with her every step of the way (even while wearing pointy elf shoes).




WIPING OUT is in the world and I am so excited! I probably shouldn’t play favorites…but I will anyway because I’m a rebel like that.


Ahem. Moving on.

I was honestly scared to write this book because I wasn’t sure I could be tough enough on Adam. I am a marshmallow when it comes to my characters – I have to go back through on each draft and make their lives harder. I put off writing WIPING OUT and got about 30,000 words into another book in the series before I realized that Adam and Piper needed – and deserved – to come first.

I hope you will love Adam and Piper as much as I do. Thank you so very much for reading!


Adam Westlake had two true loves: snowboarding and Piper Easton. He lost them both and now he’s broken. The scars from where they cut his skull open are no longer visible, but the traumatic brain injury means it isn’t safe for him to ride again and he hasn’t spoken to Piper in eighteen months. Not since he got out of the hospital and fled Colorado, terrified he wouldn’t be able to resist strapping on his board when the snow started falling. He’s been chasing summer around the world ever since, until a lucrative offer to report on the Olympics brings him home to face all the temptations he left behind.

He might be able to summon the willpower to stay off the mountain, but Piper?

She’s irresistible.

Piper Easton is a fixer. As a teenager she took over running the house when her mom got sick, and when her snowboarder brother was injured, she found the top knee guru in town and finagled a same-day appointment. She’s got an exclusive internship lined up in Europe and she’ll be leaving as soon as she watches her brother Ben win a gold medal. She just has to clean up one last mess: the way her stupid heart jumps whenever her ex-boyfriend appears. She and Adam are friends now, that’s it. That’s all they can ever be.

But maybe a few benefits aren’t out of the question. Just until their trip to the Olympics finishes and they both go their separate ways. Surely the problem will be fixed by then.

Contains: sex as an Olympic sport, dirty dancing while wearing eye goggles, ninety-nine penis balloons, and a blowjob rudely interrupted by a devil in feline form.

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