Natalie needs to focus, but there’s a hot snowboarder with a hashtag devoted to his nether regions living in her basement. Problem.

Ben’s only in Boulder to help his injured friend, but the gorgeous girl upstairs with a laugh that hits him straight in the hashtag? She’s irresistible.

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❤️ Nook: http://geni.us/dink

I am so excited to put Ben and Natalie’s story out into the world! This book changed my entire writing life and career path. Before Ben and Nat popped into my head I wrote children’s books. I had an agent and a middle grade novel out on submission. But then I fell in love with romance and I couldn’t stop thinking about being in love in Boulder…and hot snowboarders…

I hope you love Ben and Natalie as much as I do!


Natalie Berensen has one short summer to ace her writing class and convince her parents she’s not a hopeless screw-up. No more changing her major once a month, taking time off to travel, or random friends-with-benefits. She doesn’t have time for distractions or hook-ups, not even if her longtime crush is in town for the summer and living in her basement. Who cares if he’s a snowboarding god with six pack abs and a hashtag devoted to his apparently magical penis? She’s not interested.

Until she is.

Ben Easton’s focus and self-discipline is legendary. He’s built a career as a professional snowboarder by training harder than anyone else on the mountain and steering clear of anything that doesn’t take him one step closer to his goal: Olympic gold. Then his best friend crashes in the half-pipe and Ben drops everything to take care of him. No more training. No more competitions. No more snowboarding. It’s over.

He’s back in Boulder to help with Adam’s rehab, not fool around with his little sister’s best friend, no matter how much he loves her laugh or the way her ass looks when she walks up the stairs. There’s no way in hell he’s going anywhere near Natalie.

Until he does.

Contains: a grumpy guard cat with a taste for blood, discussions of Ents as phallic symbols, and plenty of sexy times.

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